Takuache Cuh, Come Ride
With Me
In My Mamalona Cuh

Who Is Edgar Takuache?

Takuache is a slang term used to describe young Mexican-American men who enjoy driving dropped pickup trucks and do tire burnouts, and listen to corrido tumbados, CUH. They are often seen with a high bald tapered hairstyle, also known as the Edgar haircut, which is a name Takuaches themselves are sometimes referred to as. On November 2nd, 2017, Facebook user Adam Meis from Denver, Colorado made a post in which he asked the public to be on the search for a couple of teenagers who stole his truck. Attached to the post were two photos of the thieves riding on Meis’ truck. Screenshots of the thieves were then shared on Hispanic News Network’s Blogspot site on November 5th, 2017. The rest is history CUH!

Why ride in the Mamalona with $Edgar

Cuh Why Not (No Tax)

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